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AEIOU I. Sensory Dessert Spoon | 2015

AEIOU Collection, Sensory Dessert Spoon ⓒ 2017. Stimuli, Jinhyun Jeon

The name, ‘AEIOU’, follows an aspect of changing mouth shapes like when pronouncing various English vowels. Due to spoon’s voluminous, bumpy or diverse shapes/ size, people make similar mouth shapes when dinning with dessert spoon. The project AEIOU is a series of Sensory Dessert Spoons, made of SUS (2012-15), there are 3 types; Lolly, Volume, and Bump series that reveals how the taste of the shape and texture could be. It triggers the feel of oral period in infancy, its behaviour of sucking on a voluminous or bumpy spoon gratifies pleasure in mouth, even though with no food or less. More, eating speed would be affected appreciating the rhythmical tempo with the texture. 

*The Sensory Stimuli, [ AEIOU Collection ] is now part of Cooper Hewitt's Permanent Collection of the Product Design and Decorative Arts department*Black Label in a limited edition_AEIOU I. Rear Bump Ottchil & Gold Collection


*Medium: SUS Collection, Lacquered Ottchil, 14/ 24 Carrot Gold Plated