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Tableware as Sensory Stimuli Collection | 2012-16

Tableware as Sensory Stimuli Collection 2012-16 ⓒ 2016 Chosun-ilbo. Jinhan Lee

In a traditional meal, the role of an appetizer is to provoke or to spice up the appetite for the main entrée through food with vivid and fancy colors, charming shapes and often dramatic and refreshing tastes. Tableware as Sensory Stimuli, [ TSS ] has a comparable role to an appetizer as it can act as the medium to stimulate different senses. The tactile experiences respecting angularity, roundness, symmetry/asymmetry, weight, and temperature spontaneously impress on users the importance of how its element interacts with different senses, most importantly, in taste and appetite, or can be replaced its own flavor during a meal. The only organic curve is designed for all types of tableware whose point fits perfectly on our sense of body, where in mouth and hands.


*Medium: Ceramic, Crystal, SUS, Wood, Lacquered Ottchil, Zr Coated/ Variable Size