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U-A III. Alumina Collection | 2018

U-A Collection_Nude series, Sensory Diet Spoon ⓒ 2018. Stimuli, Jinhyun Jeon

U-A is a series of Sensory Diet Spoon, revealing how the taste of the shape and texture could be. It triggers the feel of oral period in infancy, its behaviour of lulling a voluminous or bumpy spoon gratifies pleasure in mouth, even though with no food or less, savouring every mouthful. It has been invited and showcased at the exhibition [The Senses: Design Beyond Vision] in Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, NYC. Sensory Tableware has been selected as one of the highlights of the objects & installations in the exhibition. [The Senses: Design Beyond Vision] - on view through October 28, 2018 - invites people to encounter design with all of their senses. A vivid, intimate experience, the exhibition will feature inclusive, interactive installations created in collaboration with contemporary designers and innovative products to touch, hear, see, and smell that enhance life for all people, including those with sensory disabilities. 

*The Sensory Stimuli, [ U-A Collection ] is now part of Cooper Hewitt's Permanent Collection of the Product Design and Decorative Arts department. 


*Medium: Nude-pink Alumina Collection, Enameled